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Just a random update of sorts.   
12:33am 10/07/2012
mood: amused
So Pandora felt I might want to know the lyrics to a song that came up on my Darren Hayes playlist called "Exploration of Space".

Pandora ever so helpfully provided said lyrics.Collapse )

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"Then cowboy change your ways today or with us you will ride."   
01:32pm 31/05/2012
  Well, the popular consensus was that I should continue to share my currently untitled story. So without further ado, here's chapter two!

Chapter One: Old Friends, New Beginnings

Chapter Two: The Twists and Turns of Jack BarleycornCollapse )

I know that part was a bit more "adult" and "dark" in its themes, but I do hope you will continue to critique my writing. It's so hard to grow as a writer without feedback. :X

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"This is a story about a girl named 'Lucky'."   
12:57am 31/05/2012
  So I followed a Tumblr link to this site with the challenge "make the Disney Princess version of yourself!" For those of you who so dare, Beautiful Disney Princess Katiria awaits.

Isn't she lovely?Collapse )

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"The ice cream truck?" "The ice cream truck."   
09:44pm 29/05/2012
  So I've been working on writing lately. hebei and I have a bit of a writing competition going on that I'm intent to win, so hopefully I'll be able to do so. I'd like to point out that I'm much further along with my novel than she is, and as proof, I'm sharing the first chapter with all you LJ peeps! Tell me what you think, give me feedback, ETC.

Chapter One: Old Friends, New BeginningsCollapse )

So anyhow, that's the first chapter of my novel as it is so far. Would you guys like to read more or nah?

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"Turn to stone."   
06:00pm 22/02/2012
  So, in conversation with another, I was praised for my Hatoful Boyfriend commentary and directed towards a game that I should apparently be playing next.

YOU DON'T SAY, HUH?Collapse )

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10:54am 08/02/2012
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, hebei! Not much to report, though Hellmaster Phibrizzo I guess had something he wanted to say.

What is it?Collapse )

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"I'm just a holy fool."   
07:54pm 11/12/2011
  I've been told I need to post more "Hatoful Boyfriend" screenshots and as my experience with Okosan proves, I give into peer pressure incredibly easy. As decreed, I said I would play the game for real, as if I truly was Katiria Statham, and see which birdie I'd wind up with in the end. The result is under the cut.

The winner is...Collapse )

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"I'm dreaming tonight of a place I love even more than I usually do."   
11:09pm 09/12/2011
  And for the last installment of my initial play through of "Hatoful Boyfriend"! Do I get the feathered love of my life? Do I get a bad ending?

We'll have to see, won't we?Collapse )

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09:56pm 09/12/2011
  Well, I beat the game quicker than I realized I would. Because of that, I'm just gonna post all my screen shots tonight, albeit in three separate posts on account of the sheer number of them.

So I've done some more reading on this here "Hatoful Boyfriend" and have learned I'm playing the "free" version and there's more intricate paid version out in Japan. What else...apparently the post-apocalyptic worldview was right, I'm some sort of Barbarian that lives in a cave, and the government is full of corrupt secret societies than want to kill people.


I'm dreaming of a white...pigeon.Collapse )

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"It's winter in January-- It's strange and beautiful!"   
04:57pm 09/12/2011
mood: amused
So I was chit-chattin' with an internet friend earlier today. We were both bemoaning the fact that there just isn't a Dating Sim market out there for mature women with sophisticated tastes like us. "If only," I said, "there was a Dating Sim out there that catered to the kind of boyfriend I want!"

"I know!" The friend agreed. "There are so many games out there with handsome men to be seduced by the female player, or handsome men to be seduced by a "male" player, but there isn't a game for us."

"If only," I whispered, wiping a tear of sorrow from my eye, "If only there was a Dating Sim out there where you could play as human girl in an all-bird high school and seduce pigeons."

And then the Wish-Pixies heard our pleas and directed us to "Hatoful Boyfriend".

Oh, this is very much so a real game. I will be sharing screenshots with you momentarily, but first the summary of this fine piece of computer simulation as TV Tropes puts it: "Hatoful Boyfriend (Japanese title はーとふる彼氏) is a game about a human hunter-gatherer girl (named by you, default Hiyoko Tousaka) who decides to go to a high school for birds, St. PigeoNation's Institute. There, she dates pigeons."


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"I think I'll go out smiling..."   
03:03pm 20/10/2011
  So, as I've remarked several times, my computer has been dying as of late and I took it in for a check up. The following is a re-enactment of my visit to the computer doctor.

The Death of a LaptopCollapse )

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"Push to start."   
07:14pm 18/10/2011
  With NaNoWriMo just around the corner and my history of producing fine literature for it (what? You mean you don't remember any previous contributions I've made? Shame on you! I'll have you know I've made several. Several), I thought it only fitting I share my latest vingette with all of you. It's a bit wordy, so I'll be putting it behind a cut, but I do hope you'll read along as I share my latest masterpiece. I like to call it:

The Counter-Industrial RevolutionCollapse )

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"I remember when we were gambling to win--Everybody else said, 'Better luck next time!'"   
07:41pm 21/09/2011
  While I don't have much of note to share, I felt it was time to share some photos of my various projects. Whether or not the majority of you out there care, the photos are piling up and rather than forget about them completely, I figured I'd dump them all on you now.

Let's begin.Collapse )

And that's really about it for now.

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"Many years have passed since those summer days upon the fields of barley..."   
08:26pm 19/08/2011
  It's really so ironic. Not more than a few hours after hebei shares her doodles from work do I find an old middle school notebook full of similar art. How wacky and totally not a coincidence is that?

So without further ado (and total surprise on my behalf), I share with you some middle school ant comics. Because they are from middle school, which was years ago and in no way related to the art my sister has shared other than being strangely topical.


Ant ComicsCollapse )

In other news, having a dying computer scan/upload/post pictures is a pain in the ass and shouldn't have taken two hours.

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"The candles burn out for you; I am free. "   
01:36am 22/07/2011
  Hey there, moms! Summer can be a hell of a time, huh? Not only are the children out of school for several months, they're also around the house constantly! And we all know what they're doing as they "hang out" in the domicile.


Specifically, they're whining about how they don't have the cool "Bungie" toys all their friends got from their parents. You know what I mean; it's not like there's only one whining, Bungie-obsessed child out there-- they're everywhere! Little Sally and Little Billy will run inside from frying ants on the sidewalk with the other neighborhood kids and immediately set about telling you how their life is so unfair because they don't have a Bungie toy.

"Mom," Little Sally will complain, "Allister McCormick's mom just bought him a 'Master Chief' playset."

"Yeah," Little Billy will add in a tone that befits an underfed and abused dog, not your well-nourished 'American sized' offspring. "And Greggy Henderson got a 'Tickle-me-Fetch' with real clapping action!*"

* Because those totally exist.

Sure, you can try to appease your children by buying them exactly what their little friends have, but we all know that won't satiate them. No, what they want is something better, something unique, something....made out of felt?

Yes, I come to you with the solution to all your summer troubles, mothers! I give you:

The Pfhelt Pfhor.Collapse )

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"Plus where's the bathroom, man, 'cause I really really gotta pee!"   
07:36pm 07/07/2011

...Oh.Collapse )

UPDATECollapse )

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"No...that would be your mother!"   
05:54pm 24/06/2011
  Welp, I'm being harassed by a friend to check out the free Team Fortress Two download that Steam is apparently offering now, so I guess I'm gonna run off and try that out for a bit.

..after I show off MY cube, of course. hebei can't really think she's won with her offering!

So yes, the next Sim Challenge is 'The Cube'...Collapse )

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"Tonight I'm busting out of this old haunted house."   
08:59pm 17/06/2011
  Let's get down to business, shall we? I was just talking to one of the many lurkers who apparently read up on my Sims (AND NEVER COMMENT) and I realized this post is going to have somewhere in the ballpark of 40 images, assuming I use every picture I uploaded. This might take awhile.

The Final Pershing PostCollapse )

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"DEAR GOD, I was terribly lost when the galaxies crossed and the sun went dark..."   
11:38pm 16/06/2011
  I have a slew of Sims 3 photos for y'all, though given the numbers, I'm gonna split them into separate posts. I also have a the new "Owl City" CD, which is getting a lot of play time on my computer/in my car. Just saying.

What of the Sims, Katiria? WHAT OF THE SIMS?Collapse )

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"Excuse me, excuse me, I might drink a little more than I should..."   
05:46pm 12/06/2011
  Let's waste no time with idle chatter. hebei's Thaini house is underway so it's time for some more fun with the Pershings.

This one is image heavy.Collapse )

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